i Drive University

Welcome to i Drive University

Our goal is to provide the most up to date, comprehensive driver's training experience possible. We'll teach you the skills you'll need to drive accident free your entire life!

We utilize two online courses, giving you the flexibility to complete your class work at the pace and times that work best for you. The first is Idaho Online Drivers Education. It was the first online driver's education course developed in the country. It was created by Brian Johns, a former director of driver's education in the state of Idaho. If you would like to use this course, contact me directly and I will get you registered. The other is AAA "How to Drive". Both are high-quality courses, certified by the Idaho State Board of Driving Businesses.

During your online course, you will also schedule and complete six drives with your driver's training instructor. These drives are done week days after school, and on Saturdays. Each drive lasts two hours. One of those hours you will be behind the wheel and the other hour you will be observing a fellow student. At the conclusion of these six drives, you will have met the mandatory six hours of "Behind The Wheel" instruction and the six hours of "In Car Observation".

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