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Getting your License in Idaho

  • Purchase a driver's training permit

    This can be obtained at the DMV. Click on the Stop sign for what you'll need to get your permit.

  • Choose and complete an approved driver's training program

    If you are between 14 1/2 and 17 years of age and wish to operate a motor vehicle on public roads, you must successfully complete an approved driver's training program. Click on the No Passing sign for passing requirements

  • Complete a supervised instruction period (SIP)

    Under Idaho's Graduated Driver's License Program (GDL), after completing driver's training, a minor driver must practice driving for 6 months with a licensed adult, 21 years of age or older. During this time, you must clock at least 40 hours of daylight driving and 10 hours of nighttime driving without receiving a violation.

  • Pass a driving skills test

    Six months from the time you complete your driver's training course, you can take the skills test from a third party tester. A list of testers will be provided by the DMV when you purchase your learner's permit.

  • Pass a written knowledge test

    These are taken at the DMV. Be aware, the DMV cut-off time for starting a test is 4pm. Bring your letter from the driving skills tester and money for licensing fees to be able to walk out with your license.

Now you are licensed to drive and have all the rights and responsibilities that come with that priviledge!